Source code for python_utils.import_

[docs]class DummyException(Exception): pass
[docs]def import_global( name, modules=None, exceptions=DummyException, locals_=None, globals_=None, level=-1): '''Import the requested items into the global scope WARNING! this method _will_ overwrite your global scope If you have a variable named "path" and you call import_global('sys') it will be overwritten with sys.path Args: name (str): the name of the module to import, e.g. sys modules (str): the modules to import, use None for everything exception (Exception): the exception to catch, e.g. ImportError `locals_`: the `locals()` method (in case you need a different scope) `globals_`: the `globals()` method (in case you need a different scope) level (int): the level to import from, this can be used for relative imports ''' frame = None try: # If locals_ or globals_ are not given, autodetect them by inspecting # the current stack if locals_ is None or globals_ is None: import inspect frame = inspect.stack()[1][0] if locals_ is None: locals_ = frame.f_locals if globals_ is None: globals_ = frame.f_globals try: name = name.split('.') # Relative imports are supported (from .spam import eggs) if not name[0]: name = name[1:] level = 1 # raise IOError((name, level)) module = __import__( name=name[0] or '.', globals=globals_, locals=locals_, fromlist=name[1:], level=max(level, 0), ) # Make sure we get the right part of a dotted import (i.e. # spam.eggs should return eggs, not spam) try: for attr in name[1:]: module = getattr(module, attr) except AttributeError: raise ImportError('No module named ' + '.'.join(name)) # If no list of modules is given, autodetect from either __all__ # or a dir() of the module if not modules: modules = getattr(module, '__all__', dir(module)) else: modules = set(modules).intersection(dir(module)) # Add all items in modules to the global scope for k in set(dir(module)).intersection(modules): if k and k[0] != '_': globals_[k] = getattr(module, k) except exceptions as e: return e finally: # Clean up, just to be sure del name, modules, exceptions, locals_, globals_, frame